“करिष्यामहे रक्षणं संस्कृतिनाम्” taking this as a witness, "Vastuchakra Sanskrut Prachar Prasar Trust" (VSPPT) is actively involved in establishing a platform to spread awareness of our precious ancient languages since 2006. Keeping the base of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) it is moving forward to create a harmonious society.

VSPPT with the aim of spreading sanskrut and Indian culture and religion through various activities such as, teaching sanskrut in schools, competitions of sanskrut verses, conferences and seminars. The organization also creates a platform for employment to students who are interested in working for the same causes. The trust works with the motive "Karenge Rakshan Sanskrutika" which means "will protect the culture". With complete dedication towards the elements of ours sanskruti i.e. sanskrut language, tradition and culture, nature, spirituality, and harmony. The workers of the organization works to serve the society with loyalty, efficiency, humility, along with art and skills required.


Promoting Sanatan Dharma

Sanatan Dharma is the best system of living life; it is the best source of welfare for every living organism on Earth. Sanatan Dharma is practiced in India from a long time. This is because, since ancient times, Sanskrut has been a source of our sacraments and culture. This is why we consider all the religions as equal and accept the sentiments of "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्" as a witness. When all people will study Sanskrut and culture, once again, Sanatan Dharma will be established in India; due to the influence of Western culture today, Sanatan Dharma is being criticized and forgotten, our goal is to save this eternal religion and preserve its priceless things.

Sanskrut teaching for Children, Youth and Women

Children are the future of the country, the youth is the wealth of our country, and women are the ones who teaches moral and ethics to children and youth, These three pillars are those which if attempt to study Sanskrut, will impact the surrounding of environment in a huge manner. Good values ​​and culture can be irrigated by teaching Sanskrut to children. Similarly, if women study Sanskrut, then each household can be irrigated by Sanskrut as well. And when youth will be taught, they will be encouraged to restore Sanatan Dharma.

Competition for Sanskrut in various educational institute

Apart from studying Sanskrut, enlightenment can also be achieved through a healthy competition in Sanskrut. As it is said in the scriptures, "स्पर्धया वर्धते ज्ञानं" which means competition increases Knowledge. So this "Vastuchakra Sanskrut Prachar Prasar Trust" provides knowledge of study of Sanskrut along with the culture and spirituality through competition. In this way, if Sanskrut were to be channeled to different organizations, somehow. All sect Sanskrut objectives can be achieved and get a new beginning.

Organized Seminars and cultural activity

Sanskrut is a very big and deep sea of knowledge, and "Seminar" is the best way to expose that knowledge. When a gathering of scholars is organized, then there is the enrichment and protection of knowledge. Through cultural activities, cultural drama, songs, drama, dialogue, promotion of Sanskrut is done. Seminars and cultural activities are done so as to promote Sanskrut. Moreover, it is a must in order conserve it.

Spiritual Tours

Indian tradition has been the very summit of spirituality, and temple gets a very sublime energy from the spiritual place which comes as a result of Sanskrut, because the basis of spirituality is the culture, and the basis of culture is the nature and the basis of nature is the culture. These are all vital elements of Sanskrut. It is said, India's two prestige, Sanskrut and Indian Culture are "a cult of Sanskrut culture of India". The Spiritual Tours will give you a deep insight on the development of the Navchaitanya which are evident from the observation of temples, dacred places, which are the witnesses of the Sanskrut saints from ancient Rishi tradition. All these works are done by this trust.


Most students in India are unable to study due to the lack of funds. by giving them scholarship, a contribution to their bright future can be made. With such selfless and spiritual feelings, and taking the statement ""करिष्यामहे रक्षणं संस्कृतिनाम्"" as a witness, this organization works.

Scholarship is also help to improve the knowledge and personality development.

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