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“करिष्यामहे रक्षणं संस्कृतिनाम्” taking this as a witness, "Vastuchakra Sanskrut Prachar Prasar Trust" (VSPPT) is actively involved in establishing a platform to spread awareness of our precious ancient languages since 2006. Keeping the base of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) it is moving forward to create a harmonious society.

VSPPT with the aim of spreading sanskrut and Indian culture and religion through various activities such as, teaching sanskrut in schools, competitions of sanskrut verses, conferences and seminars. The organization also creates a platform for employment to students who are interested in working for the same causes. The trust works with the motive "Karenge Rakshan Sanskrutika" which means "will protect the culture". With complete dedication towards the elements of ours sanskruti i.e. sanskrut language, tradition and culture, nature, spirituality, and harmony. The workers of the organization works to serve the society with loyalty, efficiency, humility, along with art and skills required.


  • Promoting Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism)
  • Protecting ancient Indian launguages (Sanskrut, Pali, Prakrut etc.)
  • Spread knowledge as scripted in the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishad and Mahabhaasya etc.
  • Sensitizing people about the science behind Indian traditions and culture
  • Encouraging children and youth to opt for sanskrut in their academics
  • Providing financial help to students who are interested in studying ancient languages

छात्रशिक्षा-नवोत्साहभावैस्सदा संस्कृतेः संस्कृतस्य प्रचारेण वा ।
प्राक्तनो धर्म येन प्रपुष्टो भृशं वास्तुचक्रप्रचारोડत्र राराजते ।।


छात्रों की शिक्षा एवं उत्साहसिंचन द्वारा, संस्कृति और संस्कृत के प्रचार द्वारा, पुरातन सनातन धर्म की परिपुष्टि द्वारा वास्तुचक्रप्रचार संस्था शोभित हो रही है.।

Through the education and enthusiasm of students, by the promotion of culture and Sanskrit, and by the fulfilment of the Ancient Sanatan Dharma, Vastuchakra Sanskrut Prachar Prasar Trust is being honored

On The Desk Of President

VSPPT is working since last 12 years for promoting Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) and ancient language i.e. sanskrut. Originally sanskrut was known as “Samskrut” (Meaning) which is now popularly known as Sanskrit. Sanskrut language has a lot of essence in its values, but it is fading because of lack of importance and awareness towards it. With the help of this organization we are trying to promote sanskrut language with a different perspective. This trust holds great honor and respect in its area of work with the help of its volunteers and employees who are effortlessly and dedicatedly contributing towards smooth working of the organization.

I would like to acknowledge former President of VSPPT - Dr. Mahindrakumar Dave (Vice Chancellor of Shri Somnath Sanskrut University) who gave me the opportunity to lead this organization and keeping faith in me.


Shastri Dharmik Janardan Purohit

Board of trustees

Name Designation
Dr. Badrishbhai R. Raval Chairman
Shastri Dharmik Janardan Purohit President
Shri Harshadbhai M. Joshi General Secretory
Shri Nikhilbhai R. Joshi Secretory
Shri Karunesh V. Shastri Trustee
Shri Jitendrakumar K. Jani Trustee
Shri Rajeshkumar M. Upadhyay Trustee
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